Lets travel around the World for seminars, competitions and friendships


Join us for seminars!
Contact us if you are interested in hosting a seminar in your area with us or if you are making your own event, send us details and we will upload it on our social media. We will support all globetrotting.


Around the world there are lots of competitions, cups and championships, both in fighting and traditional. We stand by our goal of an Olympic dream and suport thoose with the same goal.


"A world of friends is a world of peace"

Lets get togheter through seminars or competitions and make friends for life.

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The art of Kempo, also written as Kenpo, is unique as far as its history goes in two respects; it is considered by many the first eclectic martial art, as well as having its founding roots stretch back to 520 BC.

Like many other martial arts there are also several styles of Kempo/Kenpo and despite same orgin you can still see clearly were different styles were evolved, it may be China, Japan, Hawaii or some other country. We like to focus on the sport aspect rather then different styles. But of course also more tradtional styles are welcome to join SportKempo.

Join us if you would like to be part of a world wide globetrotting Kempo community. No fees, no politics, all are welcome.